AIWA Onlus: Our mission”
AIWA Onlus (Arab Italian Women Association) came being in May 2002 through a women’s movement in Tuscany.
The need for such an association arose from the tragic events of September 11 and involves Italian professional women and the wives of Arab ambassadors and diplomats in Italy.
The main purpose of the association is to encourage cultural and social exchanges between the Ab world and Italy and reciprocally promote both worlds which up till now have been almost unknown to each other. All through exhibitions and meetings, combining folklore and tradition in order to foster reciprocal awareness. Th e first event organised by AIWA was in October 2002 and called “The culture of Ab women: a look at the lives of Saudi women”. It was the association’s first contribution towards spreading a culture of exchange capable of demolishing stereotyped convictions as inappropriate in the perceptions of the role assigned to Arab women in Arabic societies in its daily work, AIWA aims A contribute A the process of constructing an international community that includes differences, is founded on respect, and which adopts peaceful coexistence and solidarity as absolutely necessary values.